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Rural India should come in main stream and utilize advanced technology. Farmers from every corner of India should be developed.
With the help of internet and mobile app it is possible to reach maximum farmers, suppliers and buyers of agricultural produce to regulate and improve krishi / krushi business (BIZ) or agro business in India.
Current problems of Indian farmer are lack of farming and marketing knowledge, less communication, absence of technology, no funds available and no unity among farmers on the base of farming.
In drought there is no agri produce, and in good rain there is no price for agri produce.
Farming in india is like gamble, since farmers are depend on monsoon rain. In drought, use of irrigation in field will surely increase productivity, improve fertility of land and save water.
If farmers form Agro based food industry, they will certainly get good money and employment in rural India.
Though India is second largest agri producer in the world, more than 65% of farmers in India have land below 2.5 acres(1 hectare). Around 70% of India’s population live in 6,38,000 villages. 90% of rural population is concentrated in villages with population of less than 2000.
If the farmer have more land his income over expenses increases. Below  1 hectare land, it is impossible to survive for the farmer.
Major expense of farmers include - fertilizer (24%), Labour Charges (22.5%), Seeds (11.4%),  pesticide (7.5%).
More than 55% of suicides of farmers are only because of conflict in family. So some farmers also need to come out of farming and do another business or find jobs.
Marginal farmers rely chiefly on moneylenders, while those with bigger landholdings go to banks, the data shows.
It is impossible for single farmer to do marketing of his product and get right price for his produce.
KrushiBiz is the only solution for indian farmers for all their problems.
With search option, we are trying to regulate local market, local business and to find global market for farmers.
With the help of blogs we are trying to educate farmers and to create awareness about latest technologies among them.
This will not only helpful to farmers, but suppliers of all categories will also get benefited.
We with krushibiz is also trying to give best managerial study for local businesses and find jobs.
After all with krushibiz website and krushibiz mobile app we are trying to make agri India more smart.